Monday, October 6, 2014

Sent The Yogi Variation V9

'Nuff Said~ haha Here's the vid:

Some Pointers:

  1. Don't rest at the rest point. It hurts the leg and if you cinch it in long enough, you cut off circulation. It's better and more energy efficient to just burn through it.
  2. Chalk up the sides of your PANTS to avoid the Chalk Bucket/Bag DAB. Then just slap your pants whenever you need to rechalk.
  3. DO NOT underestimate the V4 portion just because it's V4. It's "JTREE V4" i.e. it's burly and beta intensive depending on your body type. Have your beta DOWN.
  4. This problem takes more muscle than it does tendon strength. So you crimpers are gonna hate it, but you sloper/compression folks are gonna love it.
  5. The mantle is easier than it looks.


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