Monday, July 4, 2011

Quarterly Update?? (Are you serious?)

Yeah I don't blog very often...yeesh...

- Joe's Valley (Memorial Day weekend) was both a huge success and a total flop. Success because I sent the project I was aiming for (Killed by Numbers V5). Here's a video of a hot chick sending it. haaha But yeah took about 30 mins to figure out all the beta and try a few moves, then about 4-5 goes to link it. Just over an hour.
Katinka Muhlschlegel sending Killed By Numbers V5

So why did it suck? Oh because the next day, I was warming up on some short crimpy V4 on the Scary Monsters boulder and ended up straining two fingers on my left hand (ring and middle). This effectively killed the ENTIRE trip. 900+ miles to Joe's Valley, barely 2 days of climbing out of a 5 day vacation! DISS!!!

It was all good though because we found time to hit the BackCountry retail store in SLC, then tour through a state park, then headed back to Las Vegas for a night of dinner and gambling!! w00t!!!

- Injury update - went to Tram yesterday and instead of being able to warm up on V4, it took me two hours just to send one.....SUCK. Oh well at least I'm still climbing at V4....Tape is my best climbing friend ever...hahhaahah

Til' next time~!

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