Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long time no Blogging?

Ok I guess there's a ton of stuff to update on since sending Outcast?

1. Joe's Valley was awesome...sent a bunch of stuff and met a bunch of really cool folks. Ran into Alex Savage briefly as well and the Marvez sisters. Didn't talk though, just climbed. haha Anyway here's a shot of me making a bunch of sweet progress (unfortunately no send .... not til Memorial Day weekend!) on Wills of Fire V6. A beautiful, tall and overhung wall of dark brown and tan streaks off the Left Fork in Joe's Valley. 4/4 star classic problem and a must do at the grade. Thanks to my friend Cynthia for taking the pic...oh and my spotter, Mike (Cynthia's BF) he's about 6'7"...just to give you a bit of a perspective on how tall the wall is:

Also here's another pic of me on the send of a classic Joe's Valley V5, Kelly's Arete. Tough project for me, somewhat beta intensive. Will probably be a great warmup problem for the next trip (tall and cruxy!):

2. JTree has been rather successful this season. Sent a handful of stuff so far:
- That problem that cracked my ankle about 2 years ago! haha False Up 20 VB/0
- Mystical Vibrations V5. Some fancy toe hooking at the start, then into a heel/toe hook match got me past the beginning, the rest is pretty straight forward.
- Gunsmoke V3. FINALLY! Didn't get too pumped this time, not until the big rest point on the shelf. good stuff~
- The Western Roll Sit V5. and on work over the last two years, then about 3 solid sessions and new beta and on the 4th session, 1st go: The Western Roll (Sit) V5

Finally, about Streetcar...I jumped for it and came up about 3-4 inches it's definitely just getting the right foot up first, then the left on (what I've discovered to be) a good smear. I feel 99% sure it's getting sent before the end of the year, but you never know until "the moment" so I will choose to let the climb unfold as it any event, the journey continues...

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