Monday, December 21, 2009

Breathless (V5)

Finally finished Breathless. Took 3-5 deep breathes right before the send. Cleared my mind of all things except the vision of me hitting each move. Right before the dual crux came a quick thought of simply committing to getting the pinch really well. Hit it; took a deep breath, then let my feet cut in a very controlled manner, as I've done so many times before. Then as looked down at the high left foot, I took another deep breath and I thought again "Commit". Hopped the left foot up really high, swung the right leg around for the heel smear and bumped to the juglette. Now, one last commitment move; bump the right hand off the bad pinch, up to the good pinch. But by this point it was a different feeling than before (the last trip out there, where I almost had it); this was a feeling complete confidence. I stuck the bump with an iron grip, promoted my feet to the juggy edge and started my pre-celebration of V5!!!

Eric kept saying "well ya gotta top out first...", so I did. Then let out a loud "YEAH!!!!!!". Such a good feeling to finally break through that barrier. It ALWAYS feels so impossible...then one day you just get it.

Anyway one amazing journey ends yet again, leading to the start of another new journey, or maybe just freeing up more time for the continuation of other journeys which have already started...more to come later!!!

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