Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving JTree Day session this Saturday

Awesome. A bit of an update:

  • Streetcar Named Desire - Went back to it recently on a short day session. got PWNED. Spent most of the morning trying to remember what I did last time. Finally got it AND wrote it down so I wouldn't forget! It was all about the first left hand stem...Confidence level currently at 100%

  • Breathless - Still just have to link the start to the finish, as I've done the crux move into the finish, and the start into the crux move. Having already made the crux move at the beginning and at the end of each piece respectively, it's simply a matter of connecting. Confidence level currently at 95-98%. Very challenging climb for me thus far.

  • Yabo Roof Traverse - Gym style V6. Definitely want the clean, pure send by avoiding any contact with the adjacent boulder. Worked out most of the moves, though I still have to figure out the transition from the crux to the mantel, then actually hit the crux. Confidence level currently at 80% since I still need to work out some of the sequence.

Other than that I hope anyone reading this has a happy Turkey Day!~ w00t! See you at the crag~!

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