Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tram: Project Day = Progress Day

What was gonna be a Project Day at the Tram ended up being more of a progress session.

1. Discovered a very small left foot chip on Outcast, which I feel is a solid V4+ if not a V5-, and some slightly better beta. Instead of pumping then reaching for the jug (coming over the top of it), try to swing/pendulum by pushing with both feet (right foot sidestepped) off the good left hand start, guide the movement with the right hand crimp to come up from underneath the jug instead. Actually got my fingers in pretty deep on the last two good tries but was too sore to stick the move. I need to come back fresh and work it again, and soon. Otherwise it may get too cold, fast!

2. Sent an Unnamed V3 that used to kick my ass from last year?! 4 goes, done. Hard to believe it was that hard but I got it quick this time. hehe This problem was actually a little harder than the Obe Problem Direct? Well maybe about the same....

Anyway until next time!!!~~~

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