Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking a week off

Well...after a rather emotionally dramatic summer, I'm finally sending again. Managed to get a couple of solid V3's off the list (well one was the Obe Problem Direct V4 but I'm tic'ing it at went down on the 2nd go and is more so psychologically intimidating rather than physically difficult, thus the V3 tic) and this other problem my buddy Robbie did. He's taller and stronger and calls it at V4. I called it at V3.

Anyway the Obe Problem Direct actually has really good edges to climb on. So if anything it's the start move and the mental game that make this a V4. But if you got ballz of adamantium, it's really a V3. Good use of footwork and technique will get you up this problem first go, so expect to add an onsite to your scorecard~ Here's pic of my homie Chasen sending this rig -->

Anyway taking a week off to let some injuries heal...hmm...let's see...

- left ring finger tendon strain
- left little finger sprain
- left middle finger knuckle pain
- right ring finger tendon pain
- left knee tendon pain
- right bicep elbow pain
- right forearm tendon pain

Wow...i'm in a lot of physical pain. hahahaha

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