Monday, September 28, 2009

JTree Season Starts Early!

So for me at least, the start of the JTree season begins early, by taking off a couple of relatively intense projects.

1. Freakin Brian Cunningham, this really strong and cool kid that climbs at my gym, goes to JTree for the weekend and finds Maurice's and my project from over a year ago, the "Where the Sun Don't Shine" Project. Of course Brian sends it, not realizing it's an FA. Anyway he can't think of a name but suggests it's maybe a 3 or 4, which translates to JTree V2. I SA'ed (2nd Ascent'ed) it the following weekend in the dark; V2 for sure. Hard but still V2. Since Brian couldn't think of a good name, we're for now, jokingly calling it "Bro Rape". ahaha well at least it's off the project list! w00t! And congrats to Brian

2. Sent Roof Romp! This is most likely a V3+/V4-. I think it's because I'm shorter that the first crux (the right hand gaston) isn't so much of a crux; it's actually the next move (matching on the gaston). After that it tapers off into a JTree V2. Good stuff. Getting a little stronger...hehe

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