Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to outside climbing...

Damn that was painful.  Hit False Up 20 again and went for it ballz out. Unfortunately I got psyched out near the top and downclimbed. Urg.  Went up a second time, hand slipped, fell and landed on my crashpads this time. However my ankle was sore for the rest of the day. Urg again.

Oh well.  Next time I will send that bitch!  Worked a bunch on the Yabo Roof (V3).  I really gotta lose weight (i intend to go running in a few minutes).  Goal weight is 145-150.

The Tram:
Sent Fire Farts (V1+) Damn that was tough but thanks to Cady Chris and Ran, I managed to muster up some super courage and top out on an awkward-ass mantle!  That send alone vindicates my entire first trip to the Tram, where Nick and I could barely do V0's.  Damn we sucked back then. haha~

Until next time~

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